Terry Treasure Finally Launch Her Skincare Product; Sold Over 2Million Dollars Already

Terry Treasure is one of the 20 housemates that took part in the 3rd season of the South African reality television show Big Brother Mzansi (BBM), which is one of the most popular reality television shows in South Africa.


In addition to being a makeup artist, a businesswoman, an adult content creator, and a social media influencer, she achieved additional recognition through the BBM reality TV show. Even though she was not the winner of the Big Brother Mzansi reality TV show, she managed to win the hearts of a significant number of viewers, and she can now boast of having approximately 64k followers on Instagram.

Terry Treasure’s real name is Gugu Refiloe Bonga, and she was born in 1996. However, neither the day nor the month of her birth is known, but she is 26 years old this year.

Terry Treasure has only recently begun selling her line of skincare products, and I do not doubt that she has been fantasizing about doing so even before she appeared on the reality TV show. As soon as she left the house, she could make her dream come true, and the fact that she was able to do so was astounding to her.

Even though she is a makeup artist, she has been posting on her Instagram account, which has 64 thousand followers, that she wants to launch a brand. She has just recently launched a skincare brand. Because of the potentially enormous sum of money that could have been made from this project, Gugu Refiloe Bonga has just scored an enormous victory.

Despite being eliminated from the BBM season 3 reality TV show just one week before the show’s finale, she is still capitalizing on the recognition she gained from participating in the BBM reality TV show. Take a look at this picture that she put on social media when she first started her skincare company:
One user responded by stating that as long as Terry Treasure continues to have incredible results with her skin, she will continue to purchase the brand’s goods. See how people reacted as they expressed their happiness for her?

What are your thoughts on Terry Treasure’s line of skincare products? What observations can you make regarding her appearance on the BBM reality TV show? Leave your thoughts in the corresponding comment area.

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