Taze Sensei vs King Kenny leaked today on twitter and reddit

Musician Kenny King continues his boxing career tonight at KSI against Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda. Kenny turned a victory into a defeat when he took on Alex Wasabi on the Deji card in his first boxing match in March.

This time it’s another member of Kenny’s FaZe Clan who takes on FaZe Sensei. The original loss in March was against FaZe Temperrr, who are also playing on the KSI map this weekend.

Before KSI made headlines with professional boxer Pineda, there was also Deji vs. Fousey on the big map. Just after 7pm UK time, KSI also kicked off his OWN show, which he performed on Swarmz.


When is King Kenny vs FaZe Sensei?

King Kenny vs. FaZe Sensei took place on KSI vs. Swarmz and Pineda’s cards. KSI kicked off their show TONIGHT at 19:10 UK time against Swarmz and then Pineda, finishing around 22:00.

Who is on the KSI undercard?

KSI and Luis Alcaraz Pineda
Faze Temperrr and Slim
King Kenny vs Teacher Faz
Deji vs Fauci
Salt Papi vs. Andy Warski
The Great Dean and the Evil Hero
KSI and Swarmz

On which live and TV channel is King Kenny vs FaZe Sensei aired?
King Kenny vs FaZe Sensei is part of the KSI map televised on DAZN PPV. The event is priced at £11.99 on DAZN, in addition to the £7.99 DAZN subscription.

DAZN starts reporting at 7pm UK time.

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