Lori Harvey leaked video on Twitter Gotcitytea – Whats happened?

Michael B. Jordan briefly returned to Instagram on August 15, two months after his public split with Lori Harvey.

Jordan and Harvey dated for more than a year and were considered one of Hollywood’s “It” couples until news outlets reported that the pair parted ways in June. It was revealed at the time that the breakup was due to Harvey refusing to settle down. Since then, both parties have deleted all traces of each other from their social media accounts.

Michael B. Jordan shows off his attire from different angles on his Instagram Story. Photo: @michaelbjordan/Instagram
In an uncaptioned Instagram story, Jordan showed off a new look that consisted of a skinny grey sleeveless tank top, black pants and white shoes. The Creed actor decided to complement the ensemble with a gold necklace and watch.

While no further details were given about his new outfit, Jordan’s stylist Jason Bolden hinted that the star may have an upcoming project with luxury brand Chanel, sharing a picture on his account. Take a similar photo and caption it “MBJ x CHANEL”.

As Jordan’s new look went viral on social media blogs, many commented that the breakup with Xavi clearly had a big impact on the 35-year-old given his last look. “He’s fucking crazy after looking for Lori.” “Look what Lori did to the guy who sent him to church.” “What did Lori do to that guy?? I got thrown.” “Ever since After Lowry dumped him, it looked tough.”

In previous comments, it was also pointed out that Jordan’s scruffy appearance may have contributed to his unremarkable new look. One person wrote: “This stash needs to go because it’s a no go for me, Michael sorry dear.”

Another said: “Too hot. Can we get rid of facial hair?” A third social media user wrote, “I’m sick of facial hair.”

Jordan’s post came days after Harvey went public with what she saw as red flags in the relationship. Deal breakers are partners with former close friends.

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