Kentucky Fair Shooting-Alleged shooting at Kentucky State Fair Today-Louisville Fair.

Kentucky Fair Shooting-Alleged shooting at Kentucky State Fair Today-Louisville Fair.


A bullet casing was found near the Kentucky State Fair, where soldiers believe the shots were fired Saturday night.

Josh Lawson, a spokesman for the Kentucky State Police, told the Courier-Journal on Tuesday that the shell casings had been found, confirming the WAVE 3 report. The shell was located in an open-air market, he said.

Lawson said state police are continuing to file malicious endangerment charges against the young man they believe shot the man. He didn’t know if the charges might be pending.

Seven teens were arraigned after chaos erupted around 10:30 p.m. Saturday when police said a group of teens fired fireworks into the crowd, sparking fears of a shooting at the Kentucky State Fair.

Lawson said it was a single shot and was not classified as an active shooting because the suspect is not believed to have targeted anyone in the crowd and had no intention of harming anyone.

In addition to the wilful endangerment charge, Lawson also said that if a suspect is found trying to prevent an arrest, it also includes third-degree assault, threatening, disturbing the peace and interfering with the operation of the government. Can also apply to quotes from other young people lying on the table.

Kentucky State Fair officials responded to the panic by creating a policy requiring minors to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when entering the fair after 6 p.m. and introducing more lighting and security during peak hours personnel. All seven youths cited were unaccompanied.

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