Elizabeth Vasilenko Ukrainian onlyfans leaked, photos and videos on twitter

A Ukrainian actress and blogger who moved to Russia to develop her career has come under fire for saying it was “better to die there than at home”.

Elisabeth Vasilenko made the statement in a YouTube interview in March 2021, before Vladimir Putin’s forces invaded Ukraine.

But her words got her blacklisted from Peacemaker, a Ukrainian website that names and shames those who express pro-Russian sentiments, due to longstanding tensions between the two countries.

And after the Russian invasion began in February, the star of the hit Ukrainian series School was quick to seize the opportunity to apologize.

The 23-year-old TikTokker admitted to journalist Ramina Eskhakza about her poorly chosen words – dubbed “zrada” or “treason” by the website globalhappening.com – and that she was “ashamed” of what she said. Claims she later changed her mind.

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