Clayton Ruby dead and obituary, Celebrated Canadian civil rights lawyer

Prominent Canadian civil rights lawyer and legal magnate Clayton Ruby has died at the age of 80.

Ruby died peacefully on Tuesday surrounded by his family, his law firm Ruby Shiller Enenajor DiGiuseppe said. “Clay was an ardent human rights advocate, a misplaced advocate, and a loving friend. Our thoughts are with his family and our entire company mourns the loss of our leadership and mentor, ” the company said in a tweet.

Ruby, who was awarded the Order of Canada in 2005, is described on the Governor’s website as “a well-known criminal defense attorney with a national reputation [for his] dedication to advancing justice.”

But while many may be familiar with his illustrious career, longtime colleague Brian Schiller told CBC News that some of his most memorable things were Ruby’s sweet and caring attitude, his love for good debate and He is willing to call someone. It makes sense.

“Clay’s part is, right — first, he doesn’t despise fools, or second, choking his voice,” Schiller said.

“It’s hard to imagine a world without him.” Schiller started working with Ruby 28 years ago and still counts him as his mentor. When the two first met, Schiller recalled being afraid to sit across from what he thought was a legend.

But once Ruby sat down, Schiller was “completely disarmed” by the same pleasant demeanor. “He’s a sensitive, lovely guy. He’s very opinionated and you won’t always agree with him…but as a friend he’s very loving,” he said.

“What really defines him is justice.” Shearer recalled that Ruby, the longest-serving banker at the Ontario Bar, was a staunch advocate for justice. “What really defines him is justice … and making sure those in power are held accountable,” he said. He said Ruby was very concerned about the Ontario prosecutor’s role because he believed they had too much power and that juries often took their word for it and they thought their case was sound, he said.

Gerald Chan, Ruby’s legal partner for seven years, says he sees him as a “father figure”. “He really had no ego,” recalls Chen, who is most memorable for Ruby’s “fire, and dedication and dedication to ensuring fairness and justice for the least powerful in our society.”

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