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Britney Spears has slammed a Catholic church in Los Angeles, claiming it won’t allow her to marry there…but now the church is calling the singer, saying she was never contacted about the wedding.

In case you missed it, Britney posted a photo on Instagram Wednesday from Santa Monica Church with the caption: “This is where I originally wanted to get married during COVID. I want to go every Sunday.” She continued, “Two years later, when I wanted to get married there, they said I had to be Catholic and take the test!!! Shouldn’t the church be open to everyone???”

However, a church official told us that they checked their records and showed that Britney never attended the church in person or requested a wedding there…but they did admit that at least one spouse attending the wedding had to be Catholic, This is a ground rule board.

The narrator tells us that the images Britney posted appear to be from the live broadcast, rather than photos taken by herself. We were told the church knew the couple in the photo was getting married…and Britney was not at their wedding.

As we reported, Britney and her now-husband were welcomed at a ceremony at the singer’s Los Angeles home.

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