Bay Plaza Mall Shooting today, active shooter now news

Bay Plaza Mall Shooting, Lockdown, Active shooting at bay plaza mall, dozen of officers responding. “Went to bay plaza mall for some dress shirts and the place has been evacuated and locked down. Police and ambulances on scene and stores are shuttered.” Heads up of you are in Bay Plaza area. Went to Staples there and it was closed. Customer exiting mentioned there was on-going investigation at the mall. Perhaps active shooter. #bronx #mall #bayplaza

Local police said they were clearing traffic around the mall. After a full investigation of the mall, police said they found no evidence of any shootings.

Police said investigators were leaving the mall. Malls will thaw soon and will be able to resume normal activities. An NYPD spokesman confirmed an active investigation. No shots were fired or injuries confirmed. Citizen users also pointed to at least one NYPD emergency services unit at the scene.

Citizen users showed multiple police cars and many officers at the crime scene. A police helicopter circled overhead. Police said they have yet to find any evidence to substantiate reports of the shooting. Local police said they were evacuating the mall. Local police said they were blocking traffic at the mall.

Local police said they were setting up a cordon as they investigated the report. Police are responding to a 911 report of a man who opened fire at Bay Square Mall.

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